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My experience in this course has been a fantastic one!

I met another classmate, who was partnered with me perfectly by Kathy.

Kathy is very knowledgeable and experienced in spirituality and has helped me to discover some areas of my life that needed healing. Now, through the tools I have gained from her Reiki 1 series, I have the ability to focus my self healing, & I feel empowered to improve upon those areas of my life!

This course brought me more in touch with my spiritual self and feel inspired to continue to self improve, as I know this is only the beginning.

I highly recommend her as a teacher and the course itself:

Balance for Life: Reiki 1 Class

In just receiving a Tibetan Bowl Session ~

Amazing, the feeling of surround sound positivity. I Felt balanced and clear. A must try to round out therapies and treatment.

I have taken part in at Balance for Life many times, Kathy is so gifted and always goes the extra mile/step to ensure your experience is fulfilling.

She is an angel. She got me to clear. All of her services are for your greater being.

Blessed be.

Dee D

Tibetan Bowl Session: Amazing & Effective Experience!

Thank you so much for always bringing the best meditations to us. I always leave so relaxed and have the most wonderful experiences.

Please don’t stop!

Love, Amanda

The Best Meditations Here

Thank you for last nights Full Moon Healing Circle! It was great and the energy was amazing!!!

I will be back, for sure!


Awesome and Loved it!

After experiencing my first session with the Tibetan Bowls, I have to say it was unbelievable and I am basically speechless as to how relaxed and deep I went..

This is definitely something to try out. I have been in a group setting with the bowls, but this experience with the bowls actually being played on the body and moved to different areas and parts of the body is definitely no competition.

I feel GREAT! and I think you will also!

Thank you so very much Kathy

Love, Lisa

Profound and Deep!

Would you like to share your own experience? - Submit a Testimonial »