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She definitely lived up to all her testimonials. I just got a 90 minute thermal massage. She listens to your needs and requests. I have gotten several professional massages before and felt little differeneces. She is not afraid to dig into high tension areas and constantly checks into how you are feeling. I plan on going back as a long time client and try many other services she offers


I had a wonderful experience this week! I went to Balance for Life in Selden and had a Tibetan Bowl healing with Katherine Mongiello. I have to say it felt amazing! The use of the bowls to send vibrations throughout the body completely relieved all stress and transported me someplace wonderful! Seriously, I could have stayed there all day! Also received some much needed pain relief! Highly recommend this for everyone.

Thank you Kathy!

XXX, Susanne J

Tibetan Bowl Vibrational Healing

Wonderful & Profound Experience

Kathy is an awesome teacher and a great mentor, this class has changed my life!

Patty L

Reiki 1

OMG! Had the most incredible Tibetan Bowl Vibrational Healing at Balance for Life: Mind, Body & Soul Healing I mean this healing was profoundly different from other incredible healing’s I’ve had in the past. She literally used an on body technique combined with energy work and all I can say is I’m still vibrating!

Some of you might really like that! :)- If you’re up for it…try it! I thought it was amazing!!!

#tibetanbowls #vibrationalhealing #balanceforlife #amazing

Love, Psychic Medium Shira Benedetto

Feeling Blessed!

I really enjoyed the Reiki 1 class series. I have learned some things about myself and what is even better, I have learned the tools to help me along on my journey.

While I do not plan to practice Reiki on others, per say, learning to be mindful and present will be a game changer for me.

I am learning to forgive, learn from the past and move on and forward from these hurts.

I am looking forward to what the future has in store for me!! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

xxx Tracy

Thank You for a Wonderful Experience!

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