Crystal Reiki Healing

45 min for $60 | 60 min for $80

This is a very powerful session and has been extremely effective. Crystals heal by balancing our energy and once our energy is . . .

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Reiki Healing

45 min for $60

An energy balancing session using specialized philosophies and techniques rooted in Eastern Spiritual Traditions. A trained Reiki . . .

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Reiki Re-Attunements

30 - 60 min classes

Re-Attuning to the different levels of Reiki is extremely effective in clearing, cleansing and detoxing the chakra’s on . . .

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Angel Healing Therapy

Approx. 90 min for $150

A Balance for Life original creation. In this very special journey we will be asking the Archangels support for the purpose of . . .

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Reiki Attunements

$180 |$200 |$550

Stepping onto Your Spiritual Path   Reiki, pronounced as “Ray Key”, is a pure energy form passed on from teacher . . .

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