Space Cleansing & Blessing

Starting at $75

Bring your space into energetic alignment A space cleansing & clearing is a way to remove any negative energies that might be . . .

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Long Distance Energy Healing

30 min for $35

One of the key benefits to the beautiful healing energies of Reiki is the opportunity of receiving a session long distance. The . . .

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Angel Healing Therapy™


A Balance for Life original creation. In this very special journey, part spiritual class & part healing session, we will be . . .

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Shamanic Reiki Healing & Balancing

120 min for $125

This Sacred Shamanic practice helps to rid the soul of unresolved issues or/ negative feelings that have settled deep within us . . .

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Reiki Healing

45 min for $60

An energy balancing session using specialized philosophies and techniques rooted in Eastern Spiritual Traditions. A trained Reiki . . .

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Crystal Reiki Healing

60 min for $80

This is a very powerful session and has been extremely effective. Crystals heal by balancing our energy and once our energy is . . .

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Gemstone Energy Medicine

60 min for $85

Gemstone energy medicine takes crystal healing to the 21st century with a new level of sophistication and original technology. The . . .

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