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Kathy’s extensive knowledge of the human body is only surpassed by her intuitive healing mastery. She combines traditional physical therapy techniques, mixed with new age holistic philosophies, for a unique and fulfilling experience. Her positive energy is contagious and her genuine concern for my well-being is always appreciated. After a long and hectic week, I always look forward to a session with Kathy because I know her magic hands will quickly melt away all of my physical and emotional stress, consistently leaving me relaxed and recharged. She is part teacher, part healer and part spiritual guide. At “Balance for Life”, Kathy has successfully created an all-inclusive oasis of rehabilitation for the mind, body and soul.

-Sean S.

Intuitive Healing Mastery

I want to thank you for the great Angel Therapy session. For the first time in months maybe years, I slept through the night without waking once! the alarm clock woke me which is unusual. I will definitely return for another reiki session in the near future and I have recommended your angel therapy to my sister.

So thanks again!
Karen M

Many Thanks!

When I decided to begin my Reiki training I was so excited.
I completed a reiki 1 & 2 class in a single weekend. The website had slots for 6 names. I thought it would be a small class, twenty two people in the class….. There was too little information, too little practice, no follow-up at all!

I found another teacher. She said she’s make sure I’d get practice. She said she’d be there for me. That didn’t happen!

Then I called a friend I’d met in the second class. She told me about her new Reiki teacher. I listened. I knew I’d found my new teacher. I called her the next day! We met. She Reikied me. I didn’t want to get up off the table, it was a great experience! I was on my way.

Kathy is not like any other Reiki teacher. Reiki 2 with her was AMAZING! We met 4 times. Each class was 3 – 3 1/2 hours each. She attuned me after each class. We went over ALL the material in her manual. She took her time with me. She had me keep a log of all my experiences. She called, texted or e-mailed me every week. I was able to reach her whenever I had s question. I’ve learned so much from her. I practiced table, chair and long distance Reiki.

She is outstanding as a teacher & I can’t wait to take the master level class with her!

You can take a one day Reiki class. But if you really want to learn, to see growth in your Reiki take the class with Kathy Mongiello from Balance For Life in Selden. You will not be disappointed!

Nora Baruso

Outstanding Reiki Teacher!

My name is Maria. I am from Coram, New York, and I am 25 years old. I recently saw Kathy from Balance of Life to have crystal reiki therapy done. This was my first time trying reiki so I tried to be open, and not have too many expectations, however I was pleasantly surprised. My reasoning for wanting to try reiki was to help clear my mind from all of my overwhelming thoughts and fears I had been having. I had been in a depression on and off for the past two years. My personal relationships were being greatly affected, as well as the relationship with myself. Kathy was able to break down my walls and help me face my fears. She was able to sense my need for passion in my life and encouraged me to push forward with my dreams. Overall, I had a great experience at Balance of Life and will definitely be visiting again.

A Great Experience at Balance of Life

My overall experience was simply, ( well not that simply ) AMAZING!

The timing was just right for me to enter into this journey.

I mostly enjoyed the small, intimate grouping of students and the extra, specialized attention Kathy paid to each and everyone of us. My group of 2, was well paired and together we fought through our issues, finding the gem in each one of them. What was it that I was meant to learn in that experience? I’ve learned to trust my intuition, to ask Spirit or God for help and guidance. I learned how to share the light and love with others.

This was such an enlightening experience that I cant wait to see what the next leg of my journey will be!

Much love to you Kathy and thank you!


Sue B

Reiki Master Series ~ An Enlightening Experience

Would you like to share your own experience? - Submit a Testimonial »