June 21, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Balance for Life
260 Middle Country Rd
Selden, NY 11784
Katherine Mongiello
631 736 9999
Celebrating Mid-Summer: Litha

Litha celebrates abundance, fertility, virility and the beauty and bounty of nature.

It is a time of year of brightness and warmth where flowers, gardens & crops are growing with the heat of the sun, but need loving tenderness, care & nurturing to keep them alive & flourishing.

The magic of this day, is that it is symbolic of the journey of the human soul, where we can see both the brightness within & the shadow self.

Mid Summer is said to be a time when fairies abound in great numbers, marking a beautiful and wondrous time to connect and commune with them and harnessing the sun’s power makes all types of magic empowered now.

This evening we will be tapping into and working with the energies of the fairy’s. Through meditation, ritual, creating and community, we will honor and celebrate the Summer Solstice.


As the wheel turns again, let us celebrate the full power of the sun and it’s illuminating light, signifying growth and expansion, intuitive strength and awareness before we begin the slow journey back into winter’s darkness of withdrawal and rest.

This evening we will enjoy:

  • Ceremony and Ritual
  • Powerful Meditation, tapping into the energies of our beloved and mystical faeries
  • Creative Activities
  • Light Snacks and Special Summer Beverage/Water

All participants are asked to bring a light snack(s) to add to the food offering table.